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Hi, here you can send me messages to be put on this page!!! Make sure they are all good!!

Mel xx

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My Messages


Moving back up Mel, good luck in Kurume


Hi Melanie, George and I miss you and Jos and hope you are well and happy! Please let us know if you return to Virginia and we send a hug! xo Lee


Well done in Japan Mel

Alex Cort

hi mel it was great watching you n launceston tasmania bad luck on not doing as well as you wanted good luck in the rest of your tournaments and in sydney next week

Sandra Drum

Hi Melanie, I am not sure if you remember me but I used to coach and run tournaments in Merton years ago. You played in a couple as a youngster. The reason I am sending you this message is to ask a favour. I teach in a primary school in Hammersmith (academic teacher) and I have to take lots of assemblies. I wondered if you would be free and willing to attend one of our assemnlies to talk about your life as a professional tennis player. The children would love it as we have lots of very keen players and one 10 year old who is showing promise. I will be taking the assembly the week beginning 9th January. Are you free any day that week? I have a feeling you maybe in Australia during this week! Anyway, I thought it was worth a try contacting you and if it does not work out this year, if you were willing you might come another time. I hope you are well Melanie and say hi to your mum from me. Best wishes Sandra


Good luck in the US Mel x

Gary Terretta

Hey, you've played well at Wimbledon, Melanie! Learn and grow from the experience...I'm a Personal Coach so if you want to bounce a Personal Development Plan around (in confidence), I'm ready when you are! You're on an exciting journey...Take care, Gary


Well done on a great doubles win today. Keep going Mel and Jos! x


Mel, you have the best legs ever. Lauren xxx


Hi, saw yr match last night and was absolutely gutted for you. Two points up in a tie-break and all..I'll be honest and say I didn't know much about u before the televisied match. But you keep doing what you do and I'm sure you'll get better and better.

sarah chandler

hi melanie i think you played fantastic yesterday!i cant wait for your dad john to come back from wimbledon to coah me on a saturday morning i rely hope your tennis goes well this summer xxsarah


Sorry it didnt happen for you in the singles today at Wimbledon and best of luck for the doubles

Danger Mouse

Hey Melanie, your determination and play done you proud tonight. I will always remember your name now and look out for you in other tournaments and cheer you on as I did tonight. Keep going, stay strong, you are a star. DM, Aberdeen.


I saw your match tonight. You' ve got some fantastic ground shots and a great future ahead

Gary C

Watching you on Court 1 against Johansson. GO MEL!!!


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