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Food and Drink

* What you put into your body is what you get out. Its a simple equation.

* Your body is your work tool, you have to look after it well.

* It is essential to eat and drink the right things as it
- gives you energy
- helps you recover

* Carbohydrates such as potato, pasta, rice, bread = FUEL
Proteins such as meat, fish, eggs = REPAIRS MUSCLES/BODY

* Timing - it is important to know what to eat and when to eat it.


You may find it helpful to write down what you eat and at what times. This would be so you can monitor it and find out whats good for you.

Everybody is different so you need to find out what works for you. Some people find bread and pasta very heavy. I personally find bread easier to digest, if I am practising in the afternoon I would need 2 to 3 hours for pasta or a jacket potato to digest fully.

Unless you are feeling really drained of energy it is not essential to eat much carbohydrate in the evening as it will just sit in your stomach over night and not be used up. You need food that will repair the muscles e.g. protein and vitamins (meat and veg or salad)

For snacks during the day fruit and cereal bars are a good option.

Watch out for creamy sauces, cheese and dressings high in fat as your body cannot break them down. Keep things simple, eat enough but the right things.


* Water fuels, hydrates and flushes out the toxins and lactic acid in your body.

* Energy drinks before, during and after exercise
- Keep your energy levels up
- Help you perform
- Replace what you lose from sweating
- Allow you to keep high levels of concentration

* WAKE UP - Have a large glass of water (you have been sleeping and breathing all night so you need to hydrate yourself)

* WATER - Keep drinking throughout the day. Keep hydrated.

* ENERGY DRINKS - Dilute them down. Keep sipping leading up to and during exercise.
- Drink a stronger concentration for extra energy and for recovery.

* AFTER A MATCH OR TRAINING - Get water or an energy drink into your body straight after to speed up recovery. Also get in some carbs (banana or cereal bar) within 20 minutes of finishing.

* COFFEE/TEA/FIZZY DRINKS - All dehydrate you so try to avoid.


BREAKFAST - This is the time to get the carbs in, monitor which foods give you energy and which you digest easily.
- Cereal - not sugary ones
- Fruit
- Yoghurt
- Toast - brown is better, careful with butter and dairy intakes.
- Fruit juice/ glass of water

LUNCH - Get in carbs if you can. watch out for fillings and sauces e.g. mayo etc.
- Jacket potato
- Rice dishes
- Sandwiches - brown bread is better
- Pasta dishes

DINNER - get a meal that is high in protein and less carbs unless you have an early match. Red meat takes 48 hours to digest so avoid the night before a match. It is very good for recovery as it contains lots of iron so is very good to have the night before a day off.
- Chicken, fish, meat.
- Salad and veg
- Fruit

Mel xx

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